HIGHLANDER Rental Genset


Highlander Rental Genset. I am glad that you visit this page, because RENTAL service is one of the most important aspects in the power engineering industry.
In a some cases, sometimes, it is not economically viable to buy a NEW Genset or even a Refurbish Genset (Second Hand Genset), the reason is due to the time of usage.
Most of our customers, who rent from us, usually have power requirements ranging from 20KVA to 800KVA, sometimes even more!
And their requirement is only stretching from monthly, quarterly, or sometimes on a full year!
We have a team of specialists that specialize in the RENTAL Service, and they are so pleased to serve you!
Now comes to the question of how do you rent power from Highlander Gensets RENTAL?
Very simple, just give us a call to our Highlander Gensets number, and our specialist would be so happy to help you.
We will ask you a few questions like, how much power do you require, is it one phase or is it 3 phase, how many KVA or KW of power do you require. And how long do you need this solution, and when do you need it.
Most of the time, our rental solution comes with mobile wheels, making it easier to transport to your desired location. As you know, the demand of Power in Indonesia is growing everyday, we believe that RENTAL Solutions is one of the best way to solve your temporary power requirements.
Please feel free to give us a call, fax to us, or email to us, our friendly Rental Specialist would be pleased to be of service to you!
Let us be the one to provide you POWER FOR THE FUTURE! With Highlander Gensets!


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Lovol,Volvo,MTU,Foton,Deutz,Mercedes Benz,MAN,
Jhon Deere.

Stamford,Marreli,Leroy Somer,Marathon.

Troubleshooting Engine, Troubleshooting Electric,
Troubleshooting Generator.

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Service & Overhoul.

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