Panel AMF ( Automatic Mains Failure ) adalah panel yang biasanya digunakan untuk merujuk pada sistem otomatisasi dalam keadaan dimana sumber daya utama / PLN dalam keadaan tidak berfungsi / padam, maka panel AMF secara otomatis menginstruksikan sumber daya cadangan (genset) untuk mulai bekerja untuk menggantikan sumber daya utama / PLN.

Although this system is designed to work in automatic without operator assistance, does not mean the system the equipment is left abandoned without any care at all, often going the wrong perception, considered as the system is automated so neglected the maintenance factor.

There are several aspectsthat must be considered for automation system at AMF panel to work properly.

  • Installation of panels in the room is clean and not damp / wet / rain.
  • Avoid installing the panel in place that cause vibration.
  • Control cables should be shielded from interference rats and other animals, try the holes allows for closedmeetings can not be made as a hotbed of animal.
  • Always check the condition / battery charging system, battery charger output voltage test reularly.
  • Check water level periodically condition batteries / battery back-up generators or batteries when there, also checkthe conditionof the battery voltage, battery voltage should be maintained >12.5 VDC on generator system with battery 12VDC, and >27 VDC on 24 V system, and make sure the battery cables attached to the meeting to avoid the voltage droop at the crank, and also to avoid sparks.
  • Check the condition of the cooling medium level / water radiator.
  • Check also the condition of the fuel piping system, daily fuel tank positioned at the supply base frame failure prone than the daily tank level is higher than the governor, to the valve should be installed to resist falling back into the fuel tank on the base frame when in standby.
  • Check condition of fuel filter to fuel line preferably is equipped with a water separator to separate the water content in the fuel so as not carried on in a combustion system.
  • Check also the condition of the oil filter, create a regular schedule when to filter needs to be replaced.
  • Check condition of wiring on the generator, wiring avoid contact with hot and sharp corner,give the shield for the cable is not damaged.
  • Make sure the generator in top condition by doing the warning up of scheduled, on some systems AMF is also equipped with auto facility warming up.

By doing the above actions, failure to factor in the automation system of the AMF panel will approach zero.

ATS / AMF panel composed of several main sections include :

  • Changeover system that serves as a medium of exchange source, the type of media this changeover can MCCB is equipped with a motorized, can use the Magnetic Contactor, can also use the changeover switch which is equipped with a motorized system.
  • Metering which serves as a medium Charger. Battery condition indicator that serves as a battery charging generator.
  • Controller module that serves as a media start-stop generator and changeover, some kinds of ATS-AMF module can be viewed at the following link.

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