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Our company is a manufacturer of Generator Set (Genset). We always serve the sale of Genset, Genset rental gensetand service / after sales service departement of our clients be it private or government institutions since 1999. We provide your needs for both Genset Open Type model or Genset Silent Type, Generator with capacities ranging from 5 kva up to 2000 kva.

Highlander Genset powered by its own production facilities and continues to meet the needs of ABLE Household Genset, Genset for Supermarket / Mall or Genset for Industry as it has been used by variouse client / consumer.

Genset HIGHALNDER is designed with the aim providing convenience to users of generators both those who have advanced as well as for those who are somewhat new to the Genset. That is why this article was made as a guide for the user to provide ease of operation and help solve the problems that often arise in the operation of the generator.


Genset Silent 1

Genset Silent Type made to meet the need for a practical generator in use. Genset Silent Type has a canopy (generator house) quadrangular. Canopy is made of iron plates and lined with foam damping (acoustic foam). This layer provides a fairly good reduction so that the voice issued machine makes no noise (in the normal range).

Canopy generator set (Genset) is designed and manufactured with knock down construction and equipped with doors for easy access to the generator for easy operation and maintenance. These doors come equipped with a handle and lock for security generator.

On the side there are generators pound holes for air inlet. The holes wind is tailored to the needs of the engine.

At the top there Genset pound holes to drain the hot air from the radiator and exhaust fumes out.
Terminals to install cables to the load distribution is located on the left side of generator and is equipped with a small door to safety. As for diesel fuel and water filling the radiator, the canopy generator has been equipped with the filling hole. On the side there is a nepel-down to remove the engine oil by opening the oil drain valve.

For ease of mobility, this generator is equippedwith a hanger to associate with a hook from crane car. In Silent Genset with a small capacity, the upper hanger there is a U-shape While a large capacity generator, hanger located on the side of the chassis with 4 pieces.

Genset this type, commonly used for office buildings, shops and residential houses.



Brands Engine
Lovol,Volvo,MTU,Foton,Deutz,Mercedes Benz,MAN,
Jhon Deere.

Stamford,Marreli,Leroy Somer,Marathon.

Troubleshooting Engine, Troubleshooting Electric,
Troubleshooting Generator.

Service / Kontrak Service Genset
Service & Overhoul Genset.

Panel AMF / ATS
Manual & Digital

Genset Article
Three Reasons for choosing generator HIGHLANDER

Job Vacancy Sales Enginerring



AC Voltage 220 Volt
AC Output / max 1100 Watt
DC Output 12 Volt
Dimension 460mmx380mmx380mm
Net Weight 26.4 Kg



Open type Genset is generally used for power users who have their own house and generator set is designed for placement inside a room / building SOUND RESISTANCE. Typically for use in parallel several generator units at once. Open Type Genset has advantages in terms of ease of care because the condition that the open without a box / canopy. Unloading install engines easier.

HIGHLANDER Genset ready-made for the condition, where the Genset is equipped with a control panel easy to read, easy to install diesel fuel tank and muffler which is mounted on the machine. Users simply stay put diesel fuel hose to the tank and then install the battery and check the condititon of radiator water, engine oil, and cable loads at the terminal, then the generator is ready for use.

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